The updated logo of Children of Asia Games International Committee is presented

The logo is a connection of the key letters of the organization's name: C – Children and A – Asia, which form the infinity symbol and reflects the main values of the Committee: endless striving forward and moving towards a better future through the development and promotion of children's and youth sports. In the center of the logo is the sun, personifying the unification of Asian countries, as well as a source of strength and energy through the education and development of the sports spirit of youth.

The colors of the sign are associated with the palette of the official flag of Yakutia – the birthplace of the Games and also symbolize the colors of the seasons of the Games: blue – winter and green – summer. To preserve continuity, the colors and shapes of the previous logo are taken into account.

In accordance with this, the logo of the Children of Asia Games in Kuzbass has also changed – now our athlete holds the updated logo of the International Committee in his hands.