A VR game themed after the Children of Asia Games was developed in Kuzbass

A group of talented school students from the Kemerovo Region—Kuzbass created an alpine skiing slalom simulator. This VR game is one of the kind at the moment. This project allows each VR user to feel like a skier and go down a steep slope. When you launch the game, you find yourself in a wooden log hut in the forest. You can walk around the hut and look at the paintings at the walls picturing the sports facilities of the Children of Asia Games. The launch pad displays a menu where you can choose the circuit difficulty.

The project team includes: Andrey Michurin, 16 years old, Project Manager, AR/VR Developer, School No. 14. Ivan Tsokotukhin, 16 years old, AR/VR Developer, School No. 85. Andrey Kotovshchikov, 16 years old, 3D-modeling Designer, Level-Designer, School No. 14. Egor Kozmenko, 16 years old, 3D-modeling Designer, UI/UX-Designer, School No. 14. The boys study at Quantorium 42 Youth Technological Cluster. The VR game based on the Children of Asia Games will be presented to the audience at the Closing Ceremony of the Games on March 4 at Kuzbass Ice Palace.