The 9th round of mixed doubles competitions in curling has started at Sosnoviy Ice Sports Center in Kemerovo. Today, the finals are taking place.

In the 10 km free race held at Snezhniy Ski Complex in Kemerovo, all the winning places were taken by athletes from the Urals Federal District: Tikhon Kochergin, Nikita Balabushko, and Ivan Kurynov.

The ice hockey match between teams of the Kemerovo Region—Kuzbass and the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Novokuznetsk. 13 seconds before the end of the game, the Kuzbass team scored the winning goal. Throughout almost the whole game, the home team has been chasing their contestant. The opponents worked hard to prevent errors in their penalty box and mostly played defense. At first, players from Kazakhstan had more luck in using opportunities, but the Kuzbass players finally had a chance to change the course of the game: first, they leveled the score, then scored the decisive goal during the last minute of the match. Scorers from the Kuzbass team: Vladislav Zhulikov, Kirill Bogdanov, Daniil Parkhachyov. From the Kazakhstan team: Alisher Sarkenov and Aytuar Nurzhanov. The 3:2 victory in the game brought the Kuzbass team the opportunity to play in the semifinals.

The game between the teams of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Kyrgyz Republic in Group B of Division 2 was held in Kuznetskiy Led Arena. The game ended with a score of 17:0 in favor of the Uzbekistan team.

The team of the Urals Federal District played with the team of the Republic of Belarus at the Novokuznetsk venue on February 28. The game score is 7:1 in favor of the Urals Federal District team. Goals were scored by Aleksandr Stepanov, Nikita Poltavchenko, Ivan Sokolovsky, and Danil Sysoyev. The scorer of the Belarus team was Nikita Pavlov.

The girls’ figure skating competitions took place at Kuznetsk Metallurgists’ Sports Palace. Maria Agayeva from Moscow won the gold medal, Dina Khusnutdinova from the Republic of Tatarstan was the silver medal winner, and Maria Paramonova from Moscow won the bronze.

Competitions in snowboard cross were held in Tashtagol, 27 boys and girls contested the winning places. The award distributions between boys are as follows: 1st place - Mikhail Novosyolov (Siberian Federal District), 2nd place - Ilya Maklakov (Kemerovo Region—Kuzbass), 3rd place - Ilya Sokolov (Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Among girls, the winners were: 1st place - Ekaterina Potanina (Far Eastern Federal District), 2nd place - Darya Cherkasova (Far Eastern Federal District), 3rd place - Sofiya Ivanova (Siberian Federal District).

Mezhdurechensk hosted the ski jumping competitions. On the K-40 ski jump, the leaders among boys were as follows: 1st place - Ilya Mizernykh from the Republic of Kazakhstan; 2nd place - Ilya Shilnikov from the Republic of Kazakhstan; 3rd place - Dmitriy Seryogin from the Far Eastern Federal District. The leader among girls was Maria Svetovtseva from the Urals Federal District, Eva Bedritskaya from the Republic of Belarus was second, and Sofya Shishkina from the Republic of Kazakhstan was the third.

Snow volleyball competitions continued in Sheregesh. Today, on March 1, the girls’ semifinals will be held: the team of the Urals Federal District will play with the team of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and the team of the Kemerovo Region—Kuzbass will meet the team of the Far Siberian Federal District. Boys will continue competing to enter the semifinals. The final games will take place on March 2.

February 28 was the second day of the short track speed skating competitions. Almost 90 athletes from Russia, Turkmenistan, the State of Kuwait, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus competed at Kuzbass Ice Palace. At the 500 m distance, Aleksandr Simakin from Moscow won the gold medal among boys, and Ksenia Pribytova from the Urals Federal District was the gold winner among girls. In the 3,000 m relay, the Moscow team was the winner.

A total of 1,131 people participate in the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games, including 517 boys, 297 girls, 240 coaches, and 74 team representatives.

408 referees officiate 10 sports. The Chief Referee is Aleksandr Bessmertnykh, Russian skier, silver medalist of the 2014 Olympics relay, three-time silver medalist of world championships, prize-winner of the World Cup stages and of the world youth championship, Merited Master of Sports.