Meet the torch and equipment of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games in Kuzbass!

Today, at a press conference dedicated to the upcoming Games, some of the main symbols of the event were presented.

Torch of Games

It is made in blue-white color and made of aluminum alloy, its weight is 1.8 kg. Smooth lines and curves symbolize the traces that are left on snow and ice by athletes. The logo of the Games is applied to the case. In the colors of the logo, you can see the colors of the mountain taiga, blue of the sky and the personification of the sun.The yellow color symbolizes the sun, which rises in the East. The logo itself is a stylized figure of an athlete, made in the form of a hieroglyph as a respect for Asian peoples. It also displays the strength of the athletes' movement.

The Torch Relay

The ceremony of igniting will take place on January 21 on the territory of the Lena Pillars Nature Park, Khangalassky Ulus in Yakutia.

On January 22, the Torch relay will begin in Yakutsk. Here the symbol of the Games will be transferred to Kuzbass, as the organizer of the upcoming competitions.

On January 24, the Fire placed in a special lanter will arrive in Kuzbass and the Torch relay will begin in all four territories of the Games.

The relay race will end on February 25 at the opening ceremony of the Games at the Kuzbass Ice Palace.


Torchbearers will be represented by the strongest athletes, representatives of the sports community and honorary residents of Kuzbass.


The equipment of the fire keepers, participants of the torch relay, honored guests and employees of the regional directorate of the Children of Asia Games is made in blue, green and white tones. The package includes an insulated jacket, trousers, hat, scarf, gloves, polo shirt, as well as a sports dress suit. Branded clothing will be provided to volunteers, the Kuzbass national team, and other categories of participants of the games.