Results on February 27

A series of qualification curling games continued at the Children of Asia International Sports Games in Kemerovo. At the moment it is difficult to determine the favorite of the competition, all the national teams are fighting a fierce battle, the leadership is passing from one team to another, but very soon the results will be summed up and we will find out the names of the finalists. February 28 and March 1 will be decisive days when the Semifinals and Finals will be held. Interim results are as follows: Moscow — Republic of Bashkortostan 11:3; Khabarovsk Krai — Kemerovo Region—Kuzbass 12:4; Siberian Federal District — Sverdlovsk Region 4:7.

The junior free figure skating program has ended in Novokuznetsk. The winner is Maksim Yevtushenko from Moscow. Aleksandr Chmil from the Urals Federal District national team took the second place. The bronze medal was won by Vasil Barakhousky from the Republic of Belarus.

The ice hockey game between the Far Eastern Federal District and Sakha Republic (Yakutia) teams took place at Kuznetskiy Led Arena. The score of the game is 6:1. Goals were scored by Sergey Alekseychuk, Andrey Pustovoy, Ivan Prishchepa, Andrey Krasovsky, and a double goal by Roman Vagin (all from the Far Eastern Federal District team). During the last second of the game, Artyom Vlasov, player of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) national team, scored a goal.

In addition, two exhibition games were held today. Metallurg 2008 from Novokuznetsk beat the team of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a score of 10:2. The Kemerovo team defeated the team of the Kyrgyz Republic with a score of 9:2.

The short track speed skating competition has ended in Kemerovo. Andrey Petrov (first place, Moscow), Tolegen Meyirjan (second place, Republic of Kazakhstan), and Vladimir Panfyorov (third place, Moscow) were the best young athletes at the 1,500 m distance. Among the girls, Anastasia Baranova (first place, Moscow), Ksenia Pribyatova (second place, Urals Federal District), Malika Zholtabar (third place, Republic of Kazakhstan) were leaders. At a distance of 3,000 m in the relay, the places were distributed as follows: 1st place — the national team of Moscow, 2nd place — the national team of the Republic of Belarus, 3rd place — the national team of the Siberian Federal District.

Competitions in snow volleyball demonstration sport at the Children of Asia Games, have started in Sheregesh. The competitions are held in sector A of the famous ski resort of the Kuzbass Region. The group stages will be held on February 27 and 28, and the quarterfinals will be held on March 1. The final games will be held on March 2.

Skiing competitions were held at the Snezhny ski base. At a distance of 5 km among girls, Victoria Ilyushenko (Far Eastern Federal District) became the winner, Victoria Efimova (Kemerovo Region — Kuzbass) took the second place, and Victoria Bedina (Moscow) took the third place. By the way, at the Opening Ceremony of the Games, which took place on February 25 at the Kuzbass Ice Palace, Victoria Efimova took the oath on behalf of the athletes. She is the strongest athlete of the Kuzbass Region of her age group in cross-country skiing, the absolute champion of the open finals of interregional competitions. She represents Prokopyevsk in the Kuzbass national team.

The first day of the alpine skiing competition (giant slalom) ended in Mezhdurechensk.

Sofia Gusarova (Siberian Federal District) won the gold medal, Ksenia Podlipchuk from the Republic of Bashkortostan became the silver medalist, and Yana Polyanskaya (both from the Siberian Federal District) won the bronze.

In the evening, award ceremonies for cross-country skiing, figure skating, short track speed skating and alpine skiing were held in the venues of the Games.