The Volunteer program of The Winter Children of Asia Games in Kuzbass has got its start

Today the Regional Centre of Voluntary work development ‘Blagodaryu’ gave an official start for the volunteer application campaign of the Games.

Volunteers were greeted by:

- Vadim Ratusnniy, Deputy Minister of Sport and Physical Training in Kuzbass;

- Olga Sosnina, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Youth Policy in Kuzbass;

- Aleksey Puzynin, the Head of the 2023 Children of Asia Games Directorate in Kuzbass.

Participants got acquainted with the information about the volunteer program and took part in a quiz ‘Our Winter Games’.

To join the volunteer corps, everyone can use a relevant link.

The application campaign will run from October 4th to November 4th, after each volunteer candidate will be invited offline or online for an interview.

Based on the results, a decision will be made on the inclusion of the candidate in the volunteer corps.