The winners of the regional drawing contest "Children of Asia: Coloring the world together" have become known

The results of the drawing contest dedicated to the upcoming 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games, that will be held in Kuzbass from February 23 to March 5, have been summed up.

Creative works were accepted from October 3 to December 1, 2022. 1012 schoolchildren from all territories of Kuzbass aged from 7 to 17 years became participants.

The jury consisted of representatives of the Kuzbass Regional Center for Sports Facilities, Kuzbass Physical Education and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Policy and the Ministry of Education of the region.

The jury members assessed the creative works on the following criteria: conformity to the theme of the nomination, artistic skill and originality of the idea.

The competition was held in seven nominations. The winners were determined in each age group – junior, middle and senior.

Alena Belogorodtseva (Osinniki), Anna Gavrilova (Mariinsk) and Olga Topcheeva (Mariinsk) won the most popular nomination "It’s a sport!".

The works of Anna Abakumova (Zelenogorsky village, Krapivinsky Municipal District), Karina Kukushkina (Prokopyevsk) and Lyubov Vdovenko (Osinniki) were recognized as the best in the nomination "Discover Kuzbass".

Matvey Moiseev (Kemerovo), Margarita Kalenskaya (Mariinsk) and Svetlana Nazarova (Prokopyevsk) became the winners in the nomination "Become a champion here".

Agata Kazbanova (Novokuznetsk), Daria Tsvetkova (Rassvet village, Topkinsky Municipal District) and Ulyana Stepnova (Topkinsky Municipal District) were recognized as the best authors in the nomination "We - the children of Asia".

Anastasia Buldakova (Osinniki), Victoria Gorbaneva (Osinniki) and Alexandra Solomatina (Prokopyevsk) became the winners in the nomination "Our Fans".

The victory in the nomination "Our Tutors" was won by Arina Gerstenlauer (Prokopyevsk), Alexandra Popugaeva (Anzhero-Sudzhensk) and Anna Kuryatnikova (Novokuznetsk).

Zlata Latynina (Anzhero-Sudzhensk), Sofia Vasilyeva (Prokopyevsk) and Daria Strekalovskaya (Prokopyevsk) works became the best in the nomination "What we adore sport for".

Two diploma winners were also identified in the competition – Artemiy Kazankov (Kemerovo) and Sofya Ivanova (Kemerovo).

The solemn awarding ceremony of the winners and diploma winners of the contest "Children of Asia: Coloring the World together" will be held on February 25, at the official opening ceremony of the Games, which will be held at the Kuzbass Ice Palace.

The children will receive memorable prizes with the symbols of the Games, and they will also be able to attend the opening ceremony. In addition, an exhibition of the best works of the contest participants will be held at the Kuzbass Ice Palace.