Participants of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games are getting acquainted with the culture of the Kuzbass Region

A large-scale cultural program is developed for delegations participating in the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. Today, the foreign teams started learning about the Kuzbass Region and the sights of Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, and Tashtagol.

Speed skaters from Belarus visited the Krasnaya Gorka Reserve Museum in Kemerovo, where the athletes saw the Discovering Kuzbass exhibition. The children learned about the industrial history of the region, opening of the Kuzbass Coal Basin, and creation of the Kemerovo Mine. The participants of the Games also descended underground into the Mine exhibition, a realistic reconstruction of coal faces. The team learned about the development of coal mining from the first collieries up to modern mines, about the long gone miner professions, and about peculiarities of modern coal headers and mine overmen.

A general sightseeing tour of the region capital named City on Two Banks was organized for the speed skating team from Bashkortostan. The participants observed new facilities commissioned in Kemerovo over the last few years. They visited the President Cadet School, the Liberator Warrior Memorial, the Kuzbass Ice Palace, the educational part of the Siberian Arts Cluster, the Zhukov Victory Park, the Park of Angels, and the Krasnaya Gorka Reserve Museum.

In the Kuzbass Museum of Fine Arts, speed skaters from Irkutsk visited expositions named Colored Water Element and Non-Past Time.

Figure skaters from Thailand visited the Kuznetsk Fortress Reserve Museum in Novokuznetsk where they learned about the city foundation history. The athletes also visited the Military History of the Region exposition presenting interesting facts about the Kuznetskiy Ostrog burg and the Kuznetsk Fortress. The team was impressed by the burg excavation exhibits that illustrate trade with neighboring states including China, such as porcelain dishes, vases, etc.

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