100 days before the start the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games: how Kuzbass is preparing to host athletes

Kuzbass athletes dedicate swimming, speed skating, walking, and hockey achievements to the symbolic figure "100".

"A lot of work has been done in the region to prepare for this international tournament. The remaining 100 days are the finish line, so we, as athletes, will have to make a breakthrough in preparation for the start of the Games. Despite the current geopolitical and economic situation, we will work in full so that young athletes from different countries in Kuzbass have a real celebration of sports, honest sports fighting and friendship", said Sergey Tsivilev.

Festive flash mobs and promotions are held in the competition areas. So, residents of Tashtagol municipal district lined up in the number 100 next to the countdown clocks. Students of the Olympic Reserve sports school in alpine skiing and snowboarding and pupils of the Tashtagol boxing school participated in a mass swim-a 100-meter relay in the pool.

Kuzbass athletes dedicated achievements in various sports to the symbolic figure "100".

For example, in Kemerovo, speed skaters drove 100 laps, sports veterans and students of sports schools walked 100 thousand steps.

In Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk, hockey players scored 100 goals.

In the Tashtagol district, young athletes lined up in the figure 100, and also swam the 100-meter race.

On November 19, a world record for the most massive skating lesson will be set at the Kuzbass Ice Palace.

In addition, a solemn ceremony of handing over the official symbol of the Children of Asia International Sports Games to our region will be held on November 19. The flag of the competition will be presented to Kuzbass by Vladimir Maksimov, the President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee.

In honor of the final 100 days, the organizers of the Children of Asia Games brought a gift to the Tomskaya Pisanitsa – 10 kg of beef for the lynx Tikhon, which became the prototype of Tikhonya, the main symbol of the Games.

"This spring, we held a vote on the choice of the mascot of the Games on social networks. The lynx won almost 49% of the votes, beating a bear, a mountain hare and an elk. Choosing between Tikhon, Yugus, Bass and Mustag, Kuzbass residents chose Tikhon as a name for lynx. Tikhonya is named after the lynx of Tomskaya Pisanitsa museum-reserve", said Vladislav Nefedov, Head of the Kuzbass Regional Center for Sports Facilities.

Today, the Heads of the Kuzbass Regional Sports Facilities Center and the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve signed an agreement of collaboration. It provides for the organization of a cultural program on the museum’s basis for guests and participants of the Games, the production of commemorative coins dedicated to the Games, and taking care of the lynx cub Tikhon.