The flag of the Children of Asia Games was solemnly handed over to Kuzbass

The solemn ceremony of handing over the flag was held at the Kuzbass Ice Palace.

Vladimir Maksimov, the President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee, handed the flag over to Sergey Alekseyev, Deputy Chairman of the Kuzbass Government.

The ceremony was also attended by Rodion Plitukhin, Deputy Director General – Chief of Staff of the Russian Olympic Committee President; Evgeny Dvornikov and Andrey Chepelev, flag keepers – winners of the last "Children of Asia Games" from Kuzbass; Aleksey Puzynin, Head of the 2023 Children of Asia Games Directorate; Alexander Bessmertnykh, silver medalist of the Sochi Olympics and сhief judge of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games; Stepan Fedorov, President of the Olympic Council of Kuzbass and participant of the Olympic Games, and others.

Before the start of the Games, the flag will be displayed at the Kuzbass Ice Palace. And on February 24, 2023, at the opening ceremony of the competition, it will be solemnly raised above the main arena of the competition.